Pediatric Radiology

Pediatric radiology (or pediatric radiology) is a subspecialty of radiology involving the imaging of fetuses, infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. Many pediatric radiologists practice at children's hospitals. Pediatric radiology comes with many challenges. Unlike adults, children cannot always understand / comprehend a change of environment. Therefore, staffs are usually required to wear colorful uniforms, usually 'scrubs', as opposed to a normal hospital uniform. It is also important to recognize that when a child is unwell, they follow their instincts, which is usually to cry and stay close to their parents. This presents a huge challenge for the radiographer, who must try to gain the child's trust and gain their co-operation. Once co-operation has been achieved there is another big challenge of keeping the child still for their imaging test. This can be very difficult for children in a lot of pain. Coercion and support from parents is usually enough to achieve this, however, in some extreme cases (such as MRI and CT), it may be necessary to sedate the child.

Pediatric Radiology informs its readers of new findings and progress in all areas of pediatric imaging and in related fields. This is achieved by a blend of original papers, and reviews describing the present state of knowledge in a particular topic. Contents include advances in technology, methodology, apparatus and auxiliary equipment are presented, and modifications of standard techniques.


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